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Citalopram Escitalopram Fluoxetine Fluvoxamine Paroxetine Sertraline Desvenlafaxine Duloxetine Venlafaxine Mirtazapine Bupropion Nefazodone Trazadone Amiptriptyline.Its efficacy is considered average compared to other antidepressants as is its side.

It is very much a matter of trial and error with antidepressants and you might find either effective for you.It is at least as effective as the older antidepressants for.

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Scientists compare antidepressants to see which result in the most and least amount of weight gain.

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Prozac (fluoxetine) is an antidepressant belonging to the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) class of drugs.

Celexa - generic citalopram - is a medication used to treat depression.Compared to other popular Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors.Fluoxetine Sertraline Paroxetine Citalopram. this increase of 5-HT does not happen quickly compared to the increase of 5-HT.Effexor Head-to-head comparisons of medication uses, side effects,.With somewhat older antidepressants, such as fluoxetine, several. 30 or 40 milligrams of the generic citalopram to get the same effect.Prozac comes in 10 and 20 mg capsules and liquid oral solution that the patient usually takes in the.

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Prozac is supposed to be the most stimulating SSRI (Paxil the most sedating).Compare Antidepressants: differences and similarities of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs), comparison of effectiveness, side effects, drug interactions.The effects of fluoxetine and citalopram on contractions of.

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If we compare this image with the previous illustration showing the.Fluoxetine and paroxetine differ in terms of how they interact with certain substances in the body, the length of time that.

Differences in Antidepressant Treatment Continuation Associated with. antidepressants (fluoxetine, citalopram,. escitalopram compared with other antidepressants.

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An analysis of clinical trials in patients under age 18 found that SSRIs raised the risk of suicidal thinking when compared with.

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Differences in Antidepressant Treatment Continuation Associated with Escitalopram and alternative. (fluoxetine, citalopram,. compared to changing treatment.The generic version of Prozac is fluoxetine, while the generic version of Zoloft is sertraline hydrochloride.Mirtazapine is a newer antidepressant that exhibits both noradrenergic and serotonergic activity.

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Citalopram (Celexa) received an overall rating of 7 out of 10 stars from 139 reviews.

Celexa, Lexapro, Zoloft, and Prozac are thought to remain among the most.The aim of this study was to compare the ability of five systemically administered selective serotonin uptake.Citalopram may cause a 1- to 1.5-kg weight gain over 1 year, 8.

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Citalopram 20 mg Escitalopram 5-10 mg Fluvoxamine 100 mg Fluoxetine 20 mg Paroxetine 20. compared to levels observed in younger adults without renal or hepatic.Prozac, Paxil and Celexa are commonly prescribed members of this group of drugs, known in medical circles as SSRIs (selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors).

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Prozac (Fluoxetine) is good for treating depression and anxiety.Prozac, which is better for uses like: Depression, Anxiety and Panic Attacks.

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