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I take Lexapro as I was advised that works best for anxiety.Although best known for treating major depressive disorder, Cymbalta (generic name: duloxetine) is also a proven and effective treatment for generalized anxiety disorder.Follow our Mental Health Resource. Tweet. By Ross Bonander, Tue, August 05, 2014.

I have found Cymbalta not to affect my sex drive and working.Health related message boards offering discussions of numerous health topics including allergies, cancer, diabetes,.

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I say lexapro and cymbalta two new mostly prescribed more then any of them right now. For anyone who is new to.

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I was put on Cymbalta, which readily controlled my depression.

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Find patient medical information for Cymbalta oral on WebMD including its uses, side effects and safety, interactions, pictures, warnings and user ratings.Both Lexapro and Cymbalta have side effects, which may cause the patient some discomfort. Drugs.com states that side effects for both Lexapro.

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Lexapro had always worked well for me and then went generic.Learn about drug interactions between duloxetine oral and escitalopram oral and use the RxList drug interaction checker to check drug combinations.Doctors give unbiased, trusted information on the benefits and side effects of Lexapro to treat Anxiety: Dr.

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Includes 2499 patient rankings on scale of 1-5, comments, side effects, dosage, sex, age, time taken.Lexapro, Zoloft, and Prozac are thought to remain among the most popular SSRIs on the market, but other drugs like Trazodone have.Lexapro (Escitalopram) received an overall rating of 7 out of 10 stars from 2596 reviews.

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SNRIs antidepressants comparison: compare Effexor (venlafaxine) to Cymbalta (duloxetine), mechanism of action, indications, side effects, similarities and differences.I was on Lexapro and decided to give Cymbalta a try to see if it.

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My doctor just prescribed me Lexapro 5 mg. for 5 days, then up to 10 mg.Lexapro, which is the brand. which can be made worse by combining Lexapro and alcohol.I recently started taking 30 mg of cymbalta. it out may be through a process of careful dose adjustments, and close monitoring of side effects vs. benefits.

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Effexor Vs Wellbutrin Vs Cymbalta Vs Prozac Posted by Liz on 4 Feb 2007 at 1:24 am The thing that bothered me most about Effexor was the heavy sweating.

Doctors give unbiased, trusted information on the benefits and side effects of Cymbalta to treat Anxiety: Dr.See what others have said about Cymbalta, including the effectiveness, ease of use and side.Now We Know. mirtazapine (Remeron), escitalopram (Lexapro. (Luvox), paroxetine (Paxil), and duloxetine (Cymbalta).I have had my ups and downs but it never really solved the problema.Q: Is the antidepressant escitalopram (Lexapro) different from citalopram (Celexa).

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